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What we do

Transform your business and reach your full potential

WallPost Software is engineered to administer organizational structure and automated processes within your business.
By integrating all departments and functions across a company onto a single system, users of WallPost can maintain complete control and transparency.
With simple informative dashboards and inbuilt performance analytics, business leaders can avoid managerial and administrative troubles and focus on new market opportunities and innovation.

How is WallPost different?

Free Upgrades and enhancements

Innovation never stops. WallPost is constantly finding new ways to serve the needs of your business.

WallPost is using Amazon Web Services(AWS) to ensure 100% Data Security

AWS is the worldwide leader in cloud computing, operating in 44 availability zones with more than 1 million active customers in 120 countries.

Available on the Mobile App

Access real-time data and manage your company from any device anywhere in the world. With the latest information at your fingertips, you are never out-of-touch with your business.

How we do it

Our ideas become reality as they pass through our unique development cycle.

  • Use Case Visualization

    One of the great capabilities of SMART Analytics is the ability to quickly explore your data and automatically create compelling visualizations.

  • Interface Prototyping

    User interface (UI) prototyping is an iterative analysis technique in which users are actively involved in the mocking-up of the UI for a system.

  • Code Crunching

    Once the design is here, the next stage in the evolution of a SMART Project is the technical implementation of those ideas with bleeding edge technology.

  • To The Cloud

    The final stage is where our products become availabe to clients all over the world through our sophisticated cloud network.

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